Bespoke Rolls-Royces aren’t new. The company that prides itself on personalisation will go above and beyond for its customers, and its latest creation does just that. It’s called the Rolls-Royce Phantom Oribe, and the design – inside and out – takes its inspiration from a 16th-century style of Japanese pottery called Oribe. Rolls-Royce worked in collaboration with Hermès on the project.

The car wears a unique two-tone exterior with the upper portion finished in Oribe Green, a colour exclusively created for the client over the course of several months. A sliver of creamy white along the lower portion compliments the deep green, which matches the green-and-cream glaze of antique Japanese Oribe ware. The client commissioned the car to use alongside his private jet, which will wear the same green exterior colour as the car as Rolls will make the paint available for use on the plane – a rare move for the brand.

Gallery: Rolls-Royce Phantom Oribe

Inside is where Hermès brings its special touch, with Hermès Enea Green leather used throughout. It covers the seats, steering wheel, gear selector, duchess handles, and the rotary controls for the climate controls. The green leather is also used on the upper instrument panel, the parcel shelf, the interior pillars, the glove compartment, the centre console, the luggage compartment, the Champagne cooler, and the decanter stowage compartment.

One of the more striking interior features, though, is the speaker grilles, which are made out of wood. The frets are made from perforated Open Pore Royal Walnut that adorns the door panels, which is also used on the centre and rear consoles and the picnic table backs. Soft Seashell White accents and matching floor mats complement the green-and-wood colour scheme. Another added touch is the hand-pirated horse motif on the Phantom’s Open Pore Royal Walnut wood gallery, which is protected behind glass.