Italdesign has reached world renown with its, err, vehicle designs and turn-key developments. Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), on the other hand, has become a leader in technology and engineering, born out of Williams F1 in 2010.

Together, these two companies have announced a new partnership – a totally new one that aims to create a solution, aiding the push for electrification. More importantly, the product, called the EVX modular platform for EVs, promotes a premium solution for future electric sports GTs, saloons, and crossovers – both for newcomers and established automakers.

Gallery: Italdesign and Williams AE new electric platform

One of the highlights of EVX technology is its moulded composite structural battery. The core pack, designed in-house by WAE, can deliver up to 1,341 bhp (1,000 kilowatts) using 104-120 kilowatt-hour of energy. Opting for a 160 kWh battery pack promises a range of up to 621 miles (1,000 kilometres).

Another advantage of the EVX as a third-party platform of EVs is its design, which integrates the battery casing with elements more commonly perceived as part of the body structure. Without the reliance on the upper structure, auto manufacturers have freedom in designing their EVs.

Of note, with a focus on high performance, reduced time to market, flexibility, and affordability at low-to-medium volumes, a production run of up to 10,000 units is possible – 500 of which can be manufactured by Italdesign itself in its facilities in Turin, Italy.

The EVX platform can also accommodate wheelbases from 2,900 mm to 3,100 mm, enabling a variety of body styles that can use it – from GTs, saloons, crossover, and convertibles, all fully customisable inside and outside. Customers can also choose between rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive layouts. It also uses recycled composite materials with aluminium for torsional stiffness and lightweight structure, touting its stand as the perfect basis for tomorrow’s electric vehicles.