Welcome to one of the strangest review and race videos I've seen in a long time. The title of the video is Ultimate EV Showdown even though it features a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, a Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric bike, and a Citroën Ami electric quadricycle. I don't understand the "ultimate" part.

The video starts with the presenters admitting they don't like charging stations but then they praise the one they are at. This later makes sense because the CEO of that charging station company is interviewed (a likely video sponsor). 

There's more. The title says drag race but there isn't one. They race all three EVs to a cone and back. That's not a real drag race because it involves a turn. Also, the special guest is Ben Collins, who played the Stig in the Top Gear UK show. They don't put this well-known professional driver in the Taycan or Harley, but instead, they put him in the 28-mph top speed Citroën Ami. I'm guessing that was supposed to be humorous and their way of poking fun at EVs. 

There's still more. Paul Woodman, the creator of the Lovecars channel, said that EVs aren't about being the most expensive or the fastest, they are about commuting and driving around town. Then later in the video, Ben Collins says EVs aren't about power or performance, they are about practicality and zero-emissions. I'm not sure what they are talking about and disagree. Yes, EVs are good at commuting, they are practical, and obviously zero-emission, but like combustion cars, they are so much more than that. It's silly to state that EVs are only good for commuting. 

How can Woodman and Collins say EVs aren't about price, power, and performance when they are known for dominating the drag strip, aren't cheap, and can make as much power as combustion vehicles. The Tesla Model S  and Taycan Turbo S are some of the fastest accelerating cars in production, and the upcoming Model S Plaid has 1,020 bhp. The Rimac C_Two costs £1.5 million and has about 1,900 bhp. You also have very luxurious and expensive EVs like the Lucid Air. Not only that, there will soon be a 1,000-bhp off-road specced truck: the GMC Hummer EV.

EVs aren't just good at certain boring things, they can be as good or better than combustion cars in almost any category. And the fact that they are zero-emission is just a plus.  

The three presenters come across as true "petrol heads," so it's not surprising that they don't like EVs that much. A quick scan of their previous videos includes very few EV videos and one was a negative video about the UK's charging infrastructure. 

Woodman does like the Taycan a lot but said it has no soul and that it's a bad GT car because you can only drive about 160 miles in it. I've never seen anyone state a number so low for the Taycan. Range tests conducted by many automotive publications have much higher numbers. On top of that, he made it seem like the fake electronic noise the Taycan makes when you floor it was his favourite part of the Porsche. Strange.