Earl Simmons – known by his stage name DMX – recently passed away from complications following a heart attack. As one of the most successful rappers of all time, the funeral procession for such a shining light in the hip-hop community was something special.

The memorial service, which took place on 24 April 2021, featured a monster truck accompanied by a flock of motorcycles to accompany DMX on his last ride. The hearse of choice was a Ford F-250 decked out with all of the monster truck accoutrements. Along with big axles and tyres, the truck was adorned with the phrase "long live DMX" and the Ruff Ryders logo.


On the way to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, his ruby red coffin sat in the bed of the pickup. Fans around the world were able to watch the procession thanks to a live stream put on by BETNetworks.

To those not well versed in the hip-hop world, Simmons’ career began in the 1990s, where he was swiftly recognised for his raw and expressive style along with his high-spirited personality. While his approach was unorthodox, fans loved him because he was doing his own thing. To this day, he remains the only rapper to have his first five studio albums shoot to the top and the only artist to have two projects go platinum in a single year – not posthumously.

While the ceremony was limited to just friends and family, the motorcade was quite a sight with thousands of motorcycles flanking the hip-hop legend to his final resting place. Along with his success as an actor and a rapper, DMX will also be remembered for his many acts of kindness and compassion.