It’s no surprise that Rimac is one of the automakers at the top of the list when it comes to electric hypercars. We’ve covered many videos of the C_Two published by Rimac themselves, but a recent video from crospotter13 shows the vehicle parked in the streets of Zagreb, Croatia.

Rather unsurprisingly, every inch of the car features a concourse-level fit and finish. While we’d wager that some of the shine is exasperated by the floodlights around the car, it’s clear that Rimac didn’t skimp out in the paint booth.

Gallery: Rimac C_Two Galactic White

Up until this point, we’ve very rarely seen the C_Two wearing anything other than its vinyl wrap during testing. The only painted versions we’ve covered have been stark white and grey. The example in this video wears a deep hue of blue complemented by black wheels. We don’t know what other shades will be available in a factory brochure, but the black and blue combination certainly gives off a striking appearance.

One of the design cues that took our eye was the delicate balance between showing bare carbon against the painted body panels. A very contested topic in the high-performance industry, it’s clear that Rimac isn’t afraid to strut its stuff in this department. The C_Two features raw carbon panels throughout the vehicle, but particularly around the diffuser and the front fascia.

For a hypercar that has been in development for quite a while – originally unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show – it’s great to see that the Croatian automaker wants to get everything right before the official debut. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the hypercar of tomorrow on our Facebook page.