Want to make a normal McLaren F1 look common? All you need is the one of two McLaren F1 LMs found on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles California. The McLaren F1 is an automotive icon born from decades of McLaren’s racing success and the vision of legendary designer Gordon Murray. Today we get the opportunity of a lifetime to take an in-depth look at the incredibly rare McLaren F1 LM.

When you heard the word’s McLaren in today’s context you probably have visions of their expansive lineup of supercars and hypercars that somehow all look the same with number designations that take a McLaren expert to decipher. But back in the 1990s the only way you were going to drive a McLaren was on a racetrack with a group of sponsors and a race team counting on you. That was until the superb McLaren F1 hit the scene and gave average people with money the chance to drive a McLaren.

In 2021 you don’t need to be Lando Norris or Danial Riccardo to drive a McLaren and truth be told you don’t even need to be that wealthy. Just ask the countless Youtubers who drive their McLarens around like disposable goods waiting to trade them in for the next big thing.

The McLaren F1 was more than a car but rather a pinnacle of analogue supercars from a time before downsizing and computer assistance was commonplace. Racing versions of the McLaren F1 won the 1995 Le Mans 24 hours race outright helping to solidify the F1’s places in automotive history.

Today we get to look at a unique McLaren F1 LM built to celebrate racing success and enjoy one of the rarest cars ever built.