Living life to the fullest is all about those small, everyday joys, isn’t it? Sure, the big milestones are important, but it’s the small things that help us all get through the day. That is, after all, why so many people like to ride to and from work. We could choose some other form of transportation, but even a ride to and from less fun places is still an opportunity to ride. All of it adds up, and help us enjoy our day-to-day a little more. 

That’s the same philosophy that’s gotten Edna Wilson this far in life. The grandmother from Essex UK reached her 100th birthday earlier in April 2021. It’s an amazing milestone, to be sure, and not one that everyone reaches. How did she do it? She says the key is to “enjoy the small moments,” according to the local paper Braintree & Witham Times

Among those small moments, of course, were motorcycles along the way. We’re not just talking one bucket-list ride, either (although we’re always glad when anyone gets to fulfil their riding dreams). This lady apparently rode bikes for almost her entire life, up until about 10 years ago. What a life it must have been! 

Edna Wilson's 100th Birthday Cake
Edna Wilson's 100th Birthday Ride

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, a family friend came by and took Edna for a special birthday ride on the back of his Honda Gold Wing. Afterwards, she shared cake, champagne, and plenty of fun back at the Hatfield Peverel Bupa Care Home where she currently lives. She also received a special congratulatory birthday card from the Queen herself, which is no small thing.  

Over Wilson’s life, she’s gone through a lot. At the age of 18, she joined the second World War effort as a metal welder, which she counts among one of her lifetime’s proudest accomplishments. Whatever you do, it’s clear that you can’t let her diminutive size fool you. After the war, she married her husband, Ken, and they stayed together for 46 years.  

Wilson’s advice to everyone is simple. “Live a simple one. Enjoy the small happy moments, they’re the ones that make up all the big memories. Don’t dwell on the negativity as tomorrow is a new day."