Another day, another bespoke Rolls-Royce. The British luxury marque has been known for its opulent cars and the sheer number of bespoke creations – a perk if you're one of its customers with deep pockets. You can even name a Rolls-Royce bespoke paint colour to yourself if you have the means.

This time, it's a bit different. Rolls-Royce has collaborated with architect Kengo Kuma for this bespoke Dawn. According to the automaker, this is the first of its kind, bridging the worlds of luxury automobiles and architecture.

Gallery: Rolls-Royce Dawn x Kengo Kuma

Created to reflect the essence of a new luxury residence in central Tokyo called "The Kita," the Dawn comes with carefully curated materials, colour palette, texture, and ambience for its interior and exterior design.

Apart from the visual pairing between the Dawn and the building, the car itself is painted in Silver Haze colour – a bespoke paint job that comes in multiple shades. When illuminated by the sun, the car reveals a faint bronze hue that reflects the bronze koshi screen louvres on the exterior of The Kita.

At the rear deck, both the Dawn and the Japanese residence use natural open-pore Royal Walnut panelling – a styling employed at the lobby of The Kita. Inside, Rolls-Royce installed an ombre transition on the dashboard from Piano Selby Grey to Piano Black, representing the materials used inside the building.

This one-off Rolls-Royce Dawn will be exclusively used by the owner of the unique multi-level penthouse, "The Kita Tea House," which sits atop the edifice. 

Kengo Kuma is famed for his design work for the reborn Japan National Stadium that opened in December 2019. Kuma worked with Rolls-Royce to create the bespoke Dawn to reflect his work on the luxurious residence. The Kita was designed by Kuma upon commission by global luxury property developer Westbank.