What do you want to know about the new VW ID.6? Well if you’re interested in a complete exterior and interior tour we have the video for you. YouTuber WheelsBoy was on site at the 2021 Shanghai Autoshow where Volkswagen debuted their new ID.6 SUV. Don’t get too excited because at this point in time the ID.6 is only for the Chinese market, however, we have a feeling it will soon reach a VW dealership near you.

Volkswagen’s new line of EVs is dubbed the ID range which features a growing lineup of hatchbacks and family-friendly SUVs. The smallest VW EV is the ID.3 which is meant to be the VW Golf of the future and bring familiar VW hatchbacks into the future. Next, we have the larger ID.4 SUV that occupies the wildly popular mid-sized SUV market space. The ID.4 was recently released globally and available for order in most countries.

Now we have the larger ID.6 which is currently only on sale in China. VW is building the ID.6 with two different organizations. The more SUV like ID.6 Crozz will be built by FAW-Volkswagen in Foshan, FAW-Volkswagen is a unique joint venture between FAW Group and Volkswagen Group. FAW currently manufactures Audi and Volkswagen vehicles for sale in China. The ID.6 X will be built by SAIC Volkswagen in Anting, near Shanghai. SAIC is a Shanghai vehicle manufacturer that already produces VWs and Skodas.

The VW ID.6 seems like a compelling package for families who want an EV that’s slightly larger than the ID.4 SUV. VW’s growing EV product portfolio and commitment to global expansion are set to change the very fabric of the car world. We are keen to see how the ID.6 is received in the Chinese market and look forward to driving one in the future.