Ford took everyone by surprise during the Auto Shanghai 2021 with the debut of the Evos. It’s a near-production SUV/saloon/hatchback mashup with a distinctive design language and some pretty neat features. It turns out the vehicle was developed in cooperation between Ford’s Chinese and Australian teams, though the engineers and designers from the People’s Republic had a more significant role.

The car at Ford’s boot in Shanghai was actually a 1st Edition model, which comes with cool orange accents inside and out, plus pretty much all the bells and whistles. The official photos didn’t provide enough information and we thought a good walkaround video might fill your hunger for details. The video at the top of this page comes courtesy of the Wheelsboy channel on YouTube.

Gallery: 2021 Ford Evos (CN)

A few things caught our attention the most. First, being able to take a look at the vehicle from all angles, it really looks pretty good and we are really disappointed by the news that it’s not coming to Europe. As many of the commentators below the video pointed out, it’s a shame that one of Ford’s best new designs in years will remain only for China. We really hope it’s coming to Europe under a different moniker, though.

Getting back to the Evos, inside the cabin, there’s a lot of space on all seats. At the front, the centre console features a somewhat restrained but solid design, and the massive screens dominating the dashboard are totally different from anything else we’ve seen coming from Ford in recent years.

If we have to name the one thing that really surprised us, it’s the legroom at the back. With the driver’s seat in position for someone who is about 1.85 metres tall, there is so much space at the back that it’s almost unbelievable. It’s all in the video above, so have a look.