The Tesla Cybertruck isn't here yet, but the Hot Wheels 1:10 scale R/C version of it is. The $400 Cybertruck toy is finally getting delivered to those who ordered it last year. Last month, Hot Wheels released a "tips and tricks" video for people that bought one. If you missed out, it's too late because this R/C Cybertruck is a limited edition model that sold out last year. Although, you can find them on eBay at a very inflated price. 

YouTuber DÆrik was one of the lucky ones that bought one and he recently received it. His video above shows him unboxing the R/C Cybertruck. One of the first things you'll notice is the impressive-looking black case the Cybertruck comes in. It's large and has lots of protective padding inside, almost as if the case was made for expensive camera equipment. 

The case also includes a plastic bumper guard and cracked window stickers, a humorous nod to what happened at the real Cybertruck reveal.

The R/C Cybertruck's tailgate is magnetic, allowing it to open or close, and a ramp extends from it just like the real Cybertruck. The presenter thought a little ATV would come with the truck. The "vault" gets a retractable cover, just like the real one. Also, the headlights, taillights, and lightbar light up as well. 

At one point in the video, the presenter complains about some scuff marks and the build quality of his brand new R/C Cybertruck. Let's just say Tesla had nothing to do with that. 

When DÆrik plays with the Cybertruck, it looks plenty fast and a lot of fun. I wish he had done some ramp jumps with it. Keep in mind, the truck has Chill and Insane modes for different power levels. 

There is also a smaller 1:64 scale R/C model as well