We know the Nürburgring is a mecca not just for auto enthusiasts, but auto manufacturers as well. Few places in the world offer the combination of corners, elevation changes, and regions of flat-out speed in a controlled environment as the Green Hell. It's an outstanding place to thoroughly exercise and evaluate a new vehicle, and that's where the Industry Pool comes in.

Consisting of over 30 auto manufacturers and companies with ties to the auto industry, the Industry Pool collectively rents the 12.9-mile loop for a total of 18 weeks a year. With the track closed to tourists, amateur racers, and other traffic, companies have free reign to thrash whatever they want for an entire day. The various spy photos and videos you see of prototypes at the 'Ring? They almost always come from an Industry Pool day.

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Usually, we see video and photo sets that focus primarily on a specific model, but this clip from EMS Nordschleife TV is a bit different. Instead of highlighting a particular model, the camera simply sets up shop just outside the track to catch all the Industry Pool traffic entering and exiting the course. It's not as exciting as seeing the vehicles screaming through corners, but it's by far the best vantage point to get clear, up-close glimpses at prototypes that automakers aren't ready to reveal. And that's exactly what we get here.

What are some of the takeaways from this video? Though the Industry Pool consists of automakers from around the world, German brands seem to be far more active than others. That makes sense since the 'Ring is in their backyard, and as such, we see countless saloons, sports cars, and SUVs from the like of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Porsche 911 test vehicles always catch our eye, and there's certainly no missing the Mercedes-AMG One that appears at the end of the clip.

Look closely, however, and you'll catch the Hyundai Elantra N, not to mention beefy Land Rovers decked out in camo wrap. And yes, more than a few prototypes pass the camera in complete silence. Like it or not, electricity is the future of motoring both for everyday commuting and high-performance tomfoolery.