It seems road rage and the abuse of other people's cars is a growing problem. Perhaps it's just because now we have daily footage from TeslaCam. Due to Tesla's built-in dashcam, Tesla owners can often provide the authorities with proof of fault. For this reason, we encourage all automakers to adopt dashcams like TeslaCam.

As the story goes, Tesla Model Y owner Mitch Zink posted a video on Facebook. The very brief video shows a motorcycle rider pull up next to the Model Y and throw a rock at the car. However, the video that Zink shared doesn't show the series of events from before or after the rock was thrown.

rock thrown at tesla model y
We marked the rock in red so you can see it.

In a situation such as this, it's typically one driver's word against the others. There may be no way to know exactly what happened, and the drivers' stories will almost certainly conflict once the authorities are involved. Even if the owner of the damaged car can prove that the damage came from a rock, and insist that it was hurled by the other driver, who knows what led up to the event.

Zink said people were asking why the motorcycle rider threw the rock. Honestly, it doesn't matter WHY he threw the rock, all that matters is THAT he threw the rock. However, the authorities will certainly want to know exactly what took place here. Nonetheless, Zink explained:

"It was a sad day for my Y. For everyone asking why he did it, here's what happened. He flipped me off while he was lane splitting, I honked, he got off his bike and tried to fight me, I drove away, then he chased me down and threw a rock at me. Charges pending for him since I got his plate. Wham baam, tesla cam."

If the story is true, and the police saw the whole video and there are charges, then TeslaCam came to the rescue yet again. We may never know for sure the full extent of the story, aside from what Fink shared. However, that's for the police to sort out. It's not our job to draw conclusions or assume fault.