Porsche has been caught lying! Before you get too upset, we should mention it's the only acceptable form of lying. The fact high-end German automakers tend to be overly conservative with performance numbers is yesterday's news, but the new 911 GT3 has some ballistic acceleration in the real world. Bear in mind it's still a track-oriented car with a naturally aspirated engine at its core, so it's no Turbo S in terms of acceleration. Or is it?

Carwow launched the 992-generation GT3, shattering the manufacturer claims regarding the 0-60 mph time. With the tyres not at an ideal temperature and thus not providing enough traction, the first run was far from being ideal as Mat Watson only managed a 3.11-second sprint. Perhaps "only" is not the right word to use since his first run was actually already below the 3.2-second time quoted by Porsche for the PDK-equipped model.

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He turned the traction control off for the second sprint, but that only made things worse as the car wasn't able to deliver the 502 bhp to the road efficiently. It hit 60 mph in 4.36 seconds, which is still a decent time for a performance car, but not really worthy of the GT3's badge.

As the saying goes, third time's a charm, thanks to warm tyres and the electronic aids active. It did naught to 60 mph in 2.87 seconds, making it over 0.3s quicker than the official specs sheet. That makes it less than three-tenths of a second slower than the sprint time quoted by Porsche for the 911 Turbo S. Needless to say, the latter is also quicker in real life, with Carwow's Mat Watson doing the sprint in a mind-boggling 2.55 seconds.

The 911 GT3 went on to complete the quarter mile in 10.85 seconds, which is mighty impressive for a sports car primarily built for circuits. Speaking of which, Porsche claims its latest track toy is more than 17 seconds quicker around the Nürburgring than its predecessor even though both have approximately the same weight and power. It all boils down to the numerous aero upgrades and other tweaks helping the 911 GT3 to go faster around a corner and sharpen up handling.

Of course, a hotter RS version is only a matter of time and you can rest assured Porsche will find new ways to give it an advantage over the regular GT3. As a matter of fact, the amped-up model was caught the other day rocking a massive race car-like rear wing while hiding its vented front wings/fenders as part of what will likely be a comprehensive upgrade package to earn that RS badge.