We have to admit there is something weird going on about the new crop of electric vehicles. There are lots of electric crossovers and a good number of electric saloons. But where are the practical estates? We know the answer, though - everyone wants an SUV, but that doesn’t mean we are happy with the situation.

Mercedes-Benz has been one of the most productive automakers since the beginning of this year when it comes to launching new electric vehicles. The Germans now even have a new flagship model - the EQS electric saloon, for which we know it’s getting a high-riding derivative. Apparently, what the world needs right now is another super luxury monster electric SUV at the price of proper real estate.

Thankfully, everything is possible in the wonderful world of Photoshop. X-Tomi Design had the idea of a more practical EQS with added cargo space and this resulted in the rendering you see at the top of this page. It shows an EQS estate with a large boot and a stylish roofline.

Perhaps not many of you are going to be thrilled by the idea of a luxury estate. Obviously, estates are for families and for people who carry a lot of things, and these clients are most likely not among the customer target of the EQS. But this rendering brings one important question - are we really fine with having no electric estates at all? We at Motor1.com are not happy with that.

Don’t get us wrong - there are some amazing SUVs out there and we understand that the market demand dictates what the automakers are doing. But we hope (and believe) there could be a renaissance of the estate body style in the electric era. Our fingers are crossed!