Fresh teaser images and a video of the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD highlight the retro-modern coupe's screen in the front end for displaying a variety of messages and animations. The model doesn't get a full debut until 19 May 2021.

Opel refers to the display in the nose as the Pixel-Vizor. It can show things like: "My German heart has been Elektrified” and "I am on a zero e-mission." The screen also has an animation of a manta ray swimming between the headlights. 

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"With the Manta GSe, we are building a bridge from the great Opel tradition to a very desirable sustainable future. This mixture of zeitgeist and modern is absolutely fascinating," Opel Global Brand Design Manager Pierre-Olivier Garcia said.

The Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD uses a Manta A from the Opel Classic warehouse as a starting point. It retains the classic black bonnet from the sportiest versions of the original coupe, and there's an eye-catching neon yellow body. Inside, there's now a fully digital cockpit.

Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD is a one-off to show what's possible, and there's no sign yet of the company building more for customers. Technical specifications also aren't available yet, beyond switching out the original four-cylinder engine for an electric motor.

Opel intends to electrify its whole lineup by 2024. The Manta GSe ElektroMOD is a way for the brand to hype this overhaul.

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The top version of the first-gen Manta was the GT/E. It arrived in 1974 using a fuel-injected 1.9-litre four-cylinder making 103 bhp (77 kilowatts) and 113 pound-feet (153 Newton-metres) of torque. Opel dressed up the vehicle's appearance by adding a black bonnet and stripes over the sides and rear deck. The panel between the taillights was black, too.