It’s happy days, as esteemed automotive journalist James May has resumed his video series of roasting YouTubers’ cars. His most recent video takes a look at the hot rods owned by everyone from a chef with seven Michelin stars all the way to an adult film star.

Regardless, Captain Slow is his typical self when it comes to voicing his automotive grievances. Starting with Stradman’s Bugatti Veyron, he was a big fan. Along with his personal experience of taking a Veyron Super Sport up to a speed of over 259 mph (416 km/h), he had great things to say about the YouTuber’s new ride.

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After a mixed bag of good and bad vehicles, the last ride in the video is Gordon Ramsay’s Porsche 918. Despite May’s hatred for the German hypercar, he let the chef down gently, as he had purchased a before getting the keys to his 918. However, while he didn’t necessarily roast his new hypercar, he delivered a different sort of roast to chef Ramsay.

May still isn’t letting Ramsay – a man with seven Michelin stars to his name – forget that he beat the celebrity chef in a fish pie cooking competition. Keen readers will know that this culinary defeat occurred during an episode of The F Word. It’s quite the humble brag from a car expert who just last year released his own cooking show and book, but we’re here for it.

While many of the cars didn’t receive the James May seal of approval, the video does a great job of demonstrating the complexity and variety of the car world in under ten minutes. Regardless, we’d still suggest that you skip the pink Rolls-Royce Cullinan segment altogether.