Rolls-Royce arrives at Auto Shanghai with bespoke versions of the Cullinan Black Badge, Ghost Extended, and Wraith. The latter two wear wild colour combos that are far more adventurous than what customers usually order.

The most understated of the trio is the Ghost Extended that the company calls the Urban Sanctuary. The body is a two-tone mix of Gunmetal grey and Jubilee Silver. The coach line and wheel pinstripes are Lime Green, which Rolls says is inspired by the neon lights in Shanghai at night.

Gallery: Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Ghost, And Wraith For Auto Shanghai

The interior uses a mosaic of unlacquered, open-pore Obsidian Ayous wood veneers. It is supposed to evoke the wooden window shutters on a pavilion building at Shanghai’s Yu Yuan Gardens. The front seats have Navy Blue leather upholstery, and the ones in the back are Cashmere Grey. Occupants in the rear get Roll's Serenity Seating have extending calf rests.

If you want a little more colour, then check out the Cullinan Black Badge Mid-Century Modern. It features a Segano Green exterior that's similar to the popular colour on appliances in the 1950s and '60s. The interior leather is a mix of Bespoke Serenity Green and black. The trim is Technical Fibre veneer.

Finally, the Wraith Black Badge Pop Explosion looks very vibrant in a mix of Bespoke GT Blue and Arctic White for the exterior. There's a hand-painted Koi Red coach line.

The interior has an eye-catching dashboard that has a hand-painted, white geometric pattern over the Technical Fibre veneer. Most of the cabin has Muscari Blue leather, but there are Arctic White touches and Koi Red piping. A red Starlight Headliner completes the vibrant styling.

Boldy outfitted models like this are a way for Rolls-Royce to show off the huge range of possibilities when specifying one of its vehicles. Even if most people would never order a Rolls this way, it's good marketing to show potential customers the breadth of choices.