With the newly launched Mercedes-Benz EQS fully-electric saloon, there is more interest than ever to learn what the manufacturer has in store with its electric car program. We have a rough outline of the models it wants to introduce, but we still don’t know many of their specifics.

Well, AutoExpress sat down with Mercedes’ design boss, Gorden Wagner, to ask him about what’s in store for the EQ sub-brand. The report focuses on the SUV versions of the EQS and EQE, but it touches on other models as well, like a coupe version of the EQS (that Mercedes currently has no plans to introduce) or the hot AMG version (that we know is on its way).

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Regarding the EQE and EQS SUVs, Wagner was quoted as saying that with them, Mercedes wants to

Create SUVs of the future. They will look different in a similar way as I describe the EQS. They will be more seamless, more integrated, more aerodynamic, more futuristic looking, so it will be a new type of SUV.

Just like with the EQS saloon (which is not really a typical three-box shape, but we call it that for convenience), the two SUVs will have a shorter front section, a bigger greenhouse in relation to the rest of the car, as well as a more seamless and streamlined. They will therefore be very different to Mercedes’ current SUVs, like the GLC, GLE and GLS, and even the fully-electric  EQC whose proportions betray its ICE vehicle roots.

In regard to a possible two-door version of the EQS (coupe and convertible), Wagner said Mercedes has no plans to make such a model at this time. This may change if rivals launch such models and they prove popular, but as of right now, the manufacturer will focus on four-door cars and SUVs.

The source article raises some interesting points about the EQS AMG variant. Mercedes will have to rethink how it makes its AMG models look as aggressive as they do, when a big part of that was reshaping their front ends to allow for more cooling of the massive V8 or V12 engine, as well as the aggressive rear bumpers with big quad exhaust pipes.

Maybach EQS

Apparently, Mercedes will still give the EQS AMG its trademark Panamericana style grille (albeit fully closed off), and it may also resort to graphics and liveries for the body to complete the AMG look. We do hope that Mercedes retains the more broadly flared wheel arches of its existing AMG lineup, because the wide, hunkered down stance is also a big part of what makes a modern AMG distinctive.

Oh, and it looks like the Maybach version of the EQS will happen. I made a purely speculative rendering depicting what one could look like, but when Wagner was asked by the interviewer from AutoExpress about this version, he reportedly said nothing and smiled...