We can safely say that Mercedes-Benz has completely made it clear that its lineup will be trimmed down to essentials – meaning models that actually sell and make up a huge percentage of the German automaker's sales. That has been completely confirmed with the 2021 Mercedes S-Class, which was revealed as a four-door saloon only.

But the removal of coupe and convertible options for the S-Class isn't confined to the flagship fuel-burning model. The newly-revealed 2022 Mercedes EQS won't be coming with coupe and convertible options as well, as confirmed by Mercedes chief design officer Gordon Wagener.

Talking to Autocar, Wagener said that coupes and convertibles are specialty vehicles and that we'll see less and less of those models in the future. He also added that these specialty cars will only be making up 15 percent of the market, which speaks a ton about the demand, or the lack thereof, for those cars.

Wagener also gave a rough estimate of the market in the future, saying that 50 percent will be SUVs while around 30 percent will be saloons. Those numbers support his next statement that Mercedes won't be making coupes and cabrios in every segment – yes, electric cars included.

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News about Mercedes trimming down its lineup has been around since 2019, so the EQS not getting a specialty version is hardly a surprise. However, we can expect more possibility of varying body styles for the high-riding electric models since they're expected to sell more than their low-slung counterparts.

Then again, only time can tell, but there's no point in waiting for a swoopy version of the EQS. Not that it needs one, anyway, since the new flagship EV is already slick despite having four doors.