Our first look at the high-riding Porsche 911 came last October, and it raised quite a few questions the company has yet to answer. A video showed it lapping the Nurburgring wearing some strange white wheel-well extensions, and a new batch of spy shots show the car has returned to the famous race track. It lost those odd white extension things long ago, leaving a black, camo-free test vehicle for our spy photographers to capture.

We last spotted the high-riding coupe in February, cold-weather testing in Northern Europe. However, the latest pics don’t show much has changed on the exterior. The car sports the same high-riding suspension as the other test vehicles, with more proper wheel-well extensions attached. The front and rear bumpers looked slightly reworked to accommodated better approach and departure angles. The change in the rear’s design is noticeable in the higher license plate placement. 

Gallery: Porsche 911 Safari Spy Photos

Powertrain details remain a complete mystery, but we wouldn’t expect to be less than a Carrera 4S model. That’d mean the taller 911 could produce 443 bhp (329 kilowatts) and 390 pound-feet (528 Newton-metres) of torque from the brand’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre flat-six engine that also powers the 4S model. Four-wheel drive is expected to be standard equipment. However, customers should expect the taller 911 to be pricier than the 4S’s £103,030 starting cost, factoring in the off-road goodies Porsche adds.

We still don’t know what Porsche will call it, as the Safari name we’ve been associating with it has been a stand-in, nor do we know if it’ll get a limited or full production run. A limited-run would drive up the price. The company has dabbled in off-roar-oriented 911s before, producing a one-off in 2012 that wasn’t revealed until late last year. Coincidence? Porsche’s high-riding history dates future back than that to its rally-spec cars of the 1970s and 1980s. This new model could continue that tradition.