Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tweeted new information regarding Full-Self Driving (FSD) Beta. If Tesla had a public relations team, we would be getting this information from them but they don’t anymore. So we must rely on Musk’s tweets for new information, or on other sources.

In his latest round of tweets, Musk confirmed that the FSD Beta subscription starts next month. In a different tweet, he also said the Beta button will be available next month as well. 


But then in a separate tweet, he backtracked on the Beta button’s May release and said it would probably be in June instead.


If you haven’t kept up with FSD Beta news, about 2,000 or so Tesla owners currently have the system, but that will soon increase a lot with the upcoming beta download button. The next version of FSD Beta, V9.0, is almost done, Musk recently tweeted. The new version will drop the radar sensor and solely rely on the system’s cameras and ultrasonic sensors. 

FSD is currently a £6,800 option. The subscription is for those who don’t want to pay that amount upfront and prefer a monthly subscription instead to see if they think FSD is worth getting. There is still no information on the cost of the subscription but it likely won't be cheap.

In another tweet today, Musk boasted about Tesla's progress with AI. We recently did a story about how AI could help Teslas "see" through fog and other bad weather conditions. This probably isn't related to his tweet, but it's nice to see Tesla is processing in AI research.