Nissan is pretty vocal about its next-generation Z sports car. The new Z was previewed with a near-production prototype, and the Japanese company has released a number of videos and stories with the car, providing a look behind the curtains of its development. We are probably several months away from seeing the final production version of the Z Proto, and Nissan decided it will release another video with the concept.

This time around, it’s a different story though. The video attached at the top of this page is the same clip that was played at Nissan’s stand at the Tokyo Auto Salon. You can see the higher-res version here, and it is accompanied by a Q&A session with Shinichiro Irie, one of the design directors behind the Z Proto.

During the interview for Nissan’s official press site, Irie said the overall conception of the car is very important because it’s quite different from what the brand’s other models in the lineup offer. He also reiterated there will be a manual gearbox because that’s what the company’s customers expect.

“Of course, the Z is an icon to car enthusiasts around the world, but I think that one of its main roles has been to awaken the passion in all of us at Nissan. The passion from within makes the Z a one-of-a-kind entity at Nissan, providing inspiration for all of us,” he explained.

But what’s the magic trick of the Z sports car - how did it create such a strong fanbase worldwide? That’s probably a question that has many different answers but Irie seems to have nailed down the winning formula.

“I feel it’s because the Z, which some in Nissan liken to a dance partner, has always been a sports car that excites the senses while still being familiar and within the reach of many people. This has allowed the Z, regardless of model or generation, to be consistently loved.”

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