Are you ready for the craziness you're about to witness? Mind you, we've already seen the Fast and Furious family tow a ginormous safe with two Dodge Chargers, battle enemies on an endless runway, jump cars between skyscrapers, and lest we forget the onslaught of autonomous cars in New York despite most of them having manual controls. That said, how do you feel about a Pontiac Fiero space shuttle?

That's the takeaway from this new three-minute trailer for Fast and Furious 9. Of course, we saw the rocket-powered Fiero on the ground in the first trailer, but now the wild rumours about the Fast saga going to space are seemingly confirmed. At the end of this new trailer, we see Roman (played by Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (played by Ludacris) strapped into the Fiero mounted atop a large cargo plane. They're wearing what can only be described as homemade space suits, and a close look outside sees the Fiero surrounded by booster rockets. Hey, at least it's not a Reliant Robin.

Flying Rocket Fiero In F9

As for the rest of the trailer? We're reminded that family is the most important thing to Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) with one notable exception – his actual family. John Cena plays Dom's younger brother Jakob, who's apparently not pleased about living in big brother's shadow all these years. He has an army dedicated to his quest of making Dom miserable, but beyond that, we know Jakob is evil because he spells his name with a k instead of a c.

We also see more scenes with apparent super magnets revealed in the previous teaser, more scenes with Cipher's (played by Charlize Theron) sci-fi-looking jet, and more scenes of bonkers driving. Helen Mirren's character Magdalene Shaw breaks into a cheeky grin during a car chase, Ramsey (played by Nathalie Emmanuel) admits she can't actually drive, and we still don't know how Han (played by Sung Kang) is back from the dead. So you know, it's typical Fast and Furious storytelling with the added craziness of a Pontiac Fiero orbiter. If Roman or Tej don't shout separate at some point during that sequence, we will be sorely disappointed.

Honestly, it looks like a properly wild ride and this may not be the last trailer before the movie finally gets released. We still have two months to go, as F9 will hit theatres in the US on 25 June, followed by the UK release on 8 July.