YouTube channel Teslacam Supercharged points out that this crazy road rager must have a death wish. Brake-checking is never a good idea, and doing it to a large articulated-lorry at high speeds is a recipe for disaster. Not only could you wind up dead, so could the truck driver and other innocent people.

We've got to say, one of the very few good things that came out of the beginning of the pandemic was less traffic and fewer crazy people on the roads in a hurry to get to work, school, or wherever they might have been headed.

Sadly, now it seems the roads are even worse than they were before COVID presented itself. Perhaps we just got used to the reduced traffic, but these days it really does seem like many folks are irritated, in a huge hurry, and not really thinking much about their well-being or the lives of others.

Most of the time, we'll never really know what people are thinking, but it's pretty safe to say based on the TeslaCam footage that this Hyundai driver is in a hurry, and he's mad at the lorry for occupying the passing lane, or perhaps the Hyundai driver thinks of it as the fast lane.

Sure, the truck should not be travelling in that lane, and it should be especially aware if it's travelling slowly and holding up traffic. However, this doesn't give the Hyundai driver the right to engage in road rage.

As you can see from the Tesla dashcam video, the driver flashes their lights repeatedly from behind the lorry. Then, the driver passes the lorry, pulls directly in front of it to cut it off, and starts pumping the brakes. Thankfully, it doesn't appear that there was an accident or that anyone was hurt.

Check out the video for several other interesting TeslaCam clips.