Few cars stand out in a crowd the way the Lexus LC Convertible does. With the roof down, it's arguably one of the most attractive drop-tops currently on the market. Having a gutsy 5.0-litre V8 making 471 bhp (351 kilowatts) certainly doesn't hurt either, and the result is a convertible that sounds pretty much as good as it looks.

Case-in-point is this new video from AutoTopNL, featuring the LC with its roof up while exercising its V8 on unrestricted sections of German autobahn. Speed isn't really the selling point of this clip, however. It opens with the camera positioned behind the LC where we can hear the raspy, poppy tune of its engine. The big Lexus V8 is fond of revs, redlining just past 7,000 RPM and the LC's designers are well aware of how sound enhances the driving experience. The LC actually features a pipe that sends some of that sound back into the cabin, without the noxious gases of course.

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There's certainly no missing the engine sound in this short-but-sweet video. Following a series of static throttle blips, the action alternates between in-car speedometer shots and outside flybys, all of which feature a very prominent 5.0-litre soundtrack. It's certainly not a slow car, but with the convertible weighing a hefty 2,059 kilograms (4,540 pounds), it isn't a supercar by any means. 60 mph crops up in approximately 4.5 seconds, with an official top speed listed at 168 mph. The video actually sees the LC 500's speedo hit 281 km/h (175 mph), but GPS data records a top speed of 269 km/h, which works out to 167 mph.

With a base price of just over £90,000, the LC Convertible certainly isn't cheap and there are faster cars to be had for the money. However, we can't imagine any proper petrolhead not falling in love with that delicious V8 concert so sit back, turn your speakers up, and enjoy the ride.