We know Teslas have some of the best safety records of any cars currently on sale, but why test them in the real world, putting your own life at risk to verify the claims? Well, this driver clearly has the excellent crash-worthiness rating of his Tesla Model S to thank for still being alive.

The Tesla driver was rushed to hospital, as he was found unconscious behind the wheel, but we don't have any additional details about his state or exact injuries he suffered.

According to the police, the car had to have been travelling at over 100 miles per hour when it slammed into a suburban home in Miramar, Florida. The speed is just an estimation right now, based on the damage the vehicle did, but if you check out the footage, it seems about right.

It left a big mark in the wall where hit the house, but it left an even bigger mark in a parked Mazda 3, which in turn hit a Ram pickup; the Mazda is totalled beyond repair, and the truck doesn’t look too good either (although it could probably be saved as it didn't suffer quite as much damage as the Mazda).

The incident occurred at 4 AM in the morning on Miramar Parkway and it was caught on a doorbell camera, which shows just how fast the Tesla was travelling. No wonder those who say they witnessed it claim all they actually saw was a flash of light which we imagine was followed by what had to have been a very loud crashing sound.

Now the owners of the home the Tesla crashed into are not being allowed back inside until it has been checked, because it is believed to have suffered structural damage.