In today’s world of growing vehicles, the classic Austin Mini stands out more than ever. This is especially true with the Austin Mini truck which is the tiny antithesis to the massive trucks that roam the roads of America. In this episode of Hoonigan Auto Focus, Larry Chen shows us a pristine Austin Mini truck build built with a lot of love and some JDM flair.

Ricky, the owner of this incredible Austin Mini truck dreamt of owning a classic Mini for decades. After he reached a point in his life when he was ready to take the plunge, an Austin Mini Truck was listed for sale in Texas. After a short plane ride from California, the Austin Mini truck has a new owner and Ricky fulfilled a lifelong dream of Mini ownership.

The Austin Mini Truck is one of the rarer body styles of the classic Mini. Built from 1961 to 1983 Austin sold about 58,179 examples over its 22-year production run. To build the Mini Truck, Austin simply removed the rear seating area to make way for a bed that extends a little past the rear wheels. This unique single cab pickup truck seems like something a crazed Mini enthusiast builds in their garage as a joke, but the Mini Truck is the real deal.

This classic Mini Truck isn’t locked away in a garage either and spends its days running normal errands and runs to the hardware store like every other truck. Proving that maybe you don’t need a massive pickup to buy wood once a year. The passion for this adorable little truck and the unique JDM modifications and addons make it a one-of-a-kind dream build for a passionate owner.