Tuned and modified A90 Toyota Supra examples are a dime a dozen. After all, Toyota pegged the return of the iconic nameplate to be a delight among tuners. But not all modified Supras are spot-on. Some are too much, while there are some, such as the red Supra on gold Vossen wheels, that hit the right spot. 

That isn't the only modified Supra that caught our attention, though. There's also this one – a silver example that comes with satin bronze Vossen forged wheels, owned by Trina from Miami, also known as @SupraPeachy on Instagram.

Gallery: Toyota Supra On Bronze Vossen Wheels

Call it classy, call it neat, but this Supra's looking really gorgeous but with a hint of restraint. It's fitted with a set of 20-inch monoblock forged Vossen M-X6 wheels that come in a satin bronze finish. Priced at $1,800 (approx. £1,300) a piece, the whole setup goes well with the stale paint colour. That's money well spent if you ask us.

The M-X6 wheels here are 9.5 inches at the front and 11 inches at the back and while there are colours suggested by Vossen, you can actually choose from 48 colour options, including the satin bronze seen here. Vossen also offers the M-X6 wheels in various sizes – from 19 to 24 inches in diameter and 8.5 to 13 inches in width.

But the wheels aren't the only thing modified here. In case you missed it, the ducktail spoiler also got a bit of an extension, while the exhaust was courtesy of AWE tuning. It also got a tad lower while the rest of the tuning was done by someone that goes by the handle @sti_mikey.

If by any chance you'll visit South Florida soon, look around as you might catch this classy Supra in the metal.