While many people watch these TeslaCam and Sentry Mode compilation videos because they happen to find them entertaining, we believe they can be helpful and informative in many cases. They keep us well aware of how alert we need to be on the road, and they often paint a solid picture of how "not" to drive, as well as how to drive defensively. Sometimes they can even provide the authorities with useful insight.

This recent TeslaCam highlight video features a pickup truck running a red light and hitting a Tesla Model 3, another Tesla hydroplaning, and much more. It was put together by one of the newest entrants in the world of "TeslaCam YouTube," Teslacam Supercharged. 

Not only does the video offer a nice selection of quick clips to watch, but it also provides written details explaining each situation. Arguably, the best part is there's no loud talking or overbearing soundtrack, so you can watch it, read the text, and not disturb anyone who may be nearby.

In the title clip, we learn about a pickup truck driver who ran a red light, hit two cars, and left reportedly the scene. One of the cars is a Model 3. Another Tesla driver who was recording the event on TeslaCam almost becomes victim to a collision as well. The Model 3 involved in the crash ends up spinning out and driving over a concrete divider, as does the impacted SUV.

Next, a Model 3 that's travelling on the freeway in heavy rain loses control, reportedly due to hydroplaning, crosses all lanes of traffic, and smashes into the concrete barrier.

Of course, there are many other unique clips in the video, so give it a quick watch.