Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was considered the richest person in the world when his net worth hit some $166 billion. Of course, this is Musk's money on paper, due to the fact that he owns loads of Tesla stock.

Musk isn't selling the stock and using the money, but what if he could? More interestingly, what if you could do whatever you wanted with $166 billion? Well, you can, at least virtually. More on that later!

A few things Musk could afford to buy with that big chunk of cash:

  • A Rolex for every person in Los Angeles
  • A MacBook Pro for every person in the UK
  • 2 Pairs of Jordan Nike's for the entire population of the US
  • A Netflix Subscription for every person on the planet

And, the list could go on and on and on. We haven't done the maths and checked the above claims. However, the point here isn't in the specifics, but rather, the possibilities.

Musk's $166 billion is more than Apple and Microsoft’s net income combined, which currently comes in at about $103 billion. Moreover, Musk's wealth exceeds all of his largest rivals in the automotive space. It's even more money than major automakers earn in revenue. For example, Ford ($156 billion), Honda ($120 billion), and GM ($116 billion).

Finally, the publication provides a breakdown of Musk's wealth over the course of several months:

  • March 2021 = +$25 Billion = 20% rally in Tesla's stock.
  • March 2021 = -$21 Billion = Tesla stocks fall.
  • February 2021 = -$30 Billion = Tesla shares slide 10%.
  • February 2021 = -$15 Billion = Tesla shares drop 8.610%
  • January 2021 = -$14 Billion = Tesla stocks fall 8%.
  • December 2020 = +$9 Billion = Jump in Tesla shares.
  • September 2020 = -$16 Billion = Tesla fell 21% in New York trading.
  • July 2020 = +$6.1 Billion = Tesla stock rises by 11%.
  • February 2020 = +$4.5 Billion = Tesla shares climb more than 17%.
  • January 2020 = +2.3 Billion = Shares of Tesla soar by 12%.

Okay, now back to the game. Leasing Options created a game that only takes 30 seconds to play. Essentially, you have to try to spend Musk's wealth in just 30 seconds. Give it a try by clicking the source link below.