The Maserati MC20 looks fantastic. It debuted in September 2020, though curiously, we've seen vehicles with some measure of strange camouflage as recently as early March 2021. Hitting the track with a thinly disguised tester after a debut is a bit backward, but then again, so is building an aftermarket body kit before a car even goes on sale. Guess Maserati's new supercar just has that effect on the world.

Nevertheless, a modest body kit called Aria is in development for the MC20, and it's a sharp one to our eye. It comes from a company in New York called 7 Designs, and if you don't notice all the changes right off the bat, we don't blame you. Among other things, the world hasn't seen much of the MC20 save for a few press photos, so it's not exactly a familiar shape. On the flip side, 7 Designs takes a smoother approach to dressing up the MC20, which is immensely refreshing in an aftermarket world filled with crazy wings, oversized scoops, and flamboyant colours for supercars that stretch the boundaries of taste.

Gallery: Maserati MC20 Body Kit By 7 Designs

That's not to say 7 Designs doesn't inject its Aria design with wings and scoops. Details of the kits aren't available, but it's impossible to miss the larger front splitter and winglets on the front fascia. Side skirts give the MC20 a lower stance, and quarter panels gain modest-looking scoops. Speaking of which, there's a small scoop on the roof and a not-so-small wing at the back. It sits atop a new rear fascia that has an aggressive diffuser and relocated exhaust finishers that appear to occupy the spot where a license plate would go.


Mind you, these are just things we can see. 7 Designs mentions a "carbon overhaul" on its website to describe the Aria project, and there's a form that folks can fill out to express their interest. The MC20 is already a looker, and this kit certainly adds some aggression to match its 621-bhp (463-kilowatt) twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6. According to Maserati, the MC20 will reach 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and top out north of 200 mph.

As for cost or availability, that's still unclear but one thing is made absolutely clear. Only 25 of the aero kits will be made, making the Aria a very rare upfit once the MC20 reaches dealerships.