We have featured several Tesla Sentry Mode videos showing either people trying to break into the car or cars parked right around it. These criminals are usually none the wiser that they are starring in their own future viral video, but this guy is different.

You can see him as he attempts to break into a Tesla Model 3, by pulling on its driver’s door handle, but mere seconds after he starts trying to get the door open, he realises he is being recorded and bolts away from the scene.


This video, shared on Wham Baam Teslacam’s Twitter feed suggests that while most thieves and burglars are still unaware that when they try to do anything to a Tesla, they will end up on video, they are starting to catch on. And it’s not as if the cameras, particularly the ones located in the side repeaters, are not visible - they clearly are, even at a glance, which is how this particular person spotted it; he clearly did not know that Teslas came equipped with cameras that see all around the car.

But we’re sure that the situation will slowly change. The guy in this video will definitely share the experience with his acquaintances who operate in the same field of activity as him, and the mainstream media is also promoting more and more stories centred around people caught either on Tesla Cam (road rage and/or accidents) or Sentry Mode that shows people doing things to a Tesla while it’s parked or around it within view of its eight exterior cameras.