China-based Audi customers will soon have a new saloon to purchase. Welcome to the mostly exposed Audi A7L which ditches the Audi A7’s iconic sloped roofline for more passenger space. Customers in China value rear legroom above all else which means expressive coupe-like styling is a small sacrifice if it means greater rear passenger comfort.

The way different cultures consume global products is absolutely fascinating. Car design is an extreme example as the cost to redevelop a car is massive, but consider for a second the simple Kit Kat candy bar. We know it as a simple chocolate-covered wafer with a catchy jingle but take a trip around the world and you will see dozens of unique flavours. The shape is the same, but the flavor is tailored for its intended market.


We are seeing something very similar here with the Audi A7 which bears a familiar name yet takes on a unique shape to better serve its intended customers. The upcoming Audi A7L was recently spied in camo and matches up perfectly with the leaked Instagram images of the slightly uncovered car.

Production of the Audi A7L will take place in Shanghai and ride of the new MLB Evo platform which is a first for the production facility in China. Power will come from eco-friendly small-displacement petrol and diesel engines with the possibility of a hybrid to enter the market soon.

We expect the Audi A7L to make its debut in the first half of 2021 and slot below the top-tier Audi A8L and above the smaller A6L. This new edition offers customers a host of long-wheelbase Audi sedans to satisfy every level of need and comfort requirements.