Kia is giving its lineup a thorough refresh, redesigning older models and introducing new ones. The company’s work extends to the Sportage, too, the brand’s best-selling model. We’ve already spied the 2022 Sportage a few times, including catching it as it lapped the iconic Nurburgring, though a new video provides us our closest look yet at the new crossover. It also gives us a peek inside, though Kia hid the exciting bits.

The Sportage continues to wear a thick layer of camouflage and cladding that obscures the outside, though the few holes in the coverings reveal a bit of the crossover’s new front-end design. It appears to feature a V-shaped headlight design. The V-shaped motif appears at the rear, too, in the taillight design, though most of the rear is well-hidden. If the Sportage is like other recent Kia reveals, it could sport quite a unique design.

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We get our first look inside the updated crossover, though Kia has covered the dashboard and centre console. We can see the seats and door panels, the latter featuring a two-tone design. The updated Sportage should receive new screens for the instrument cluster and infotainment display, along with a host of safety features and amenities. Kia plans to offer the Sportage in two wheelbase lengths, which could change its interior accommodations.

The new Sportage will share its platform with the new 2022 Hyundai Tucson, so the two could share some design similarities. The Sportage will come with several powertrain options, including petrol, diesel, and electrified, though their availability will depend on the market. Front- and all-wheel-drive layouts will also be available. We shouldn’t be waiting long for a full Sportage reveal as rumours point to Kia revealing it this month. The redesigned crossover should go on sale before next year.