[UPDATE] Video embedded above removed from YouTube.  -  Where do we even begin with this? Admittedly, it's become customary these days to begin a BMW-related article with a mention of the large grille. In this instance, we'll mention it because it showcases just a portion of the incredible detail that went into this electric-powered, built-from-scratch creation. And it was built for all the right reasons.

First, let's talk about this car and yes, it's a proper car. An electric motor turns the back wheels, modulated by an accelerator pedal. A gorgeously carved and detailed wooden steering wheel turns the front wheels. There are functioning headlights and taillights, the "digital" dash lights up with a speedometer, and there's seating for two. That's important because this car is built for two specific people – a proud dad with amazing woodworking skills, and his young son who is just entering school.

You've seen such things before in our digital halls. This is another incredible project from ND - Woodworking Art on YouTube. Ordinarily, the creations are desk-sized for display purposes only, but early in March, we saw an amazing wood-carved Bugatti Centodieci that was also electric-powered and big enough for two. The latest creation is said to be an homage to the BMW 328, though we see a bit more i8 in its custom design. The name doesn't really matter, because the detail work is everything you've come to expect from this YouTube series.

Woodworking is something easy to do but hard to do well, and this goes a level beyond that even. Tools from hand chisels to chain saws (yes, chain saws) come into play on this mini Bimmer, and everything save for the powertrain components is wood, right down to the tread on the tires. With a bit of paint and clever staining for extra visual punch, this scaled-down BMW is simply extraordinary.

And those right reasons we mentioned earlier? Dad takes this roadster to pick up his very young son from his first day of school. The boy is a bit too young to do the driving, but the looks and smiles from onlookers as they drive away are enough to warm the heart of the coolest car dude. Friends, this is parenting done right, and we can't wait to see the next piece of art from this wonderful wood workshop.