Volkswagen has plans to sell masses of EVs in the future. The gigantic automaker wants to have 70 percent of its deliveries in Europe to be EVs by 2030 and 50 percent in the US by the same year. This is quite the feat and will take a variety of EV models to do the job. Electric trucks would only make sense. 

In Autoline’s daily news video above, Hein Schafer, Senior VP of Product Marketing for Volkswagen of America said:

“A new battery electric platform does open new doors for us, and it does kind of level the playing field to a certain degree. And does give us potentially the opportunity to bring some sort of mid-size pickup or maybe something a little larger.”

He continued with: 

“If we do build a large SUV on the BEV platform, maybe a large pickup might potentially make sense.”

The brand should build a full-size SUV on its EV platform down the line and a full-size truck would be very possible thanks to the adaptability of EV platforms. EV platforms are basically large electric skateboards that can have various bodies plopped on top with minor modifications done. 

If VW had built a full-size body-on-frame truck in the past, they would have had to start mostly from scratch since their only truck is the midsize Amarok. That would have taken a lot of time and revenue, and it probably wouldn’t have been a success since Europeans don’t buy many full-size trucks and the American truck market is extremely competitive, to say the least. An EV platform makes developing a full-size truck much more feasible. 

If VW does build one, it won’t be for a few years, giving the automaker plenty of time to analyse all the electric trucks that are about to hit the market this year and next.