Rumours abound about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's return, though the company has been quite adamant about having no interest in resurrecting the icon. The company has repeatedly said that the Evo is unlikely to make a comeback, though we continue to hold out hope. Further fuelling our desire for a new Evo is a new unofficial rendering from artist Rain Prisk that gives the model a modern look that's just as bold as before.

The Mitsubishi design language has significantly shifted since the Lancer Evo disappeared in 2016 as the company focuses more on crossover and SUVs. Adapting that styling to a saloon has its challenges, though Prisk did a wonderful job integrating the Mitsu's bold front-end design onto the new Evo. The chrome accent is a bit much, though the super-slim headlights, small grille, front chin spoiler, and dual-vented bonnet give it a proper aesthetic.

The car sits low over the wheels with thick body creases, which add emphasis to the otherwise mundane saloon. The one that extends from the front door and over the door handles to the rear quarter panel accentuates its sportiness. Completing the look is a properly massive rear wing that's been a staple of the Evo's design for years. It helps give the saloon a race-inspired look that helped the car find a niche following.

One of the last rumours reported on about the Evo's return dated back to 2019 and said the car would return with 341-bhp (254-kilowatt) engine sourced from Renault Megane RS. A lot has happened to Mitsubishi and the global alliance it's part of – Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance. Last year, the conglomerate refocused its efforts across all three automakers as the lineup stagnated against the competition. Mitsubishi is taking a smaller role in Europe while focusing on the ASEAN and Oceania regions, making the Lancer Evolution's return quite unlikely.