This crazy incident involving a tipper lorry and Mini Cooper happened just this week in Toronto, Canada. 26-year-old Courtenay Ernhardt was making her way onto the Gardiner Expressway during her typical morning commute. It was a completely normal day until her vehicle was struck and turned sideways by a tipper lorry, which continued to drive for another half-mile before coming to a stop.

After colliding with the red Mini Cooper, the lorry kept going until a brave motorist pulled in front of the big rig to slow it down. Contrary to the truck not coming to an immediate halt, video footage of the incident shows quite a bit of tyre smoke, and the back of the hatchback being dragged along the side of the expressway – authorities reported that the lorry kept going for nearly .435 miles (700 metres).

In an interview with Global News, Ernhardt said that she was on her way to administer Covid-19 vaccines to homeless individuals – she comes from a family of frontline healthcare workers. Semantics aside, she was thankfully uninjured during the accident and says she is grateful to be alive after such an experience.

Police reported that the truck driver has been charged with several driving and commercial motor vehicle offenses – reportedly, he was unaware of the incident until it was over. Of course it's unfair to judge the circumstances without seeing it first hand, but the obvious question of how the driver did not notice comes to mind. Aside from the legal ramifications, we are simply glad to see both parties leave the scene of the accident alive and unscathed.