The Chevrolet Camaro is facing tough times. Sales are way down, and Chevy is only keeping it fresh by introducing some different colours. A recent post by the GM Design Instagram page shows that at least someone within the company is keeping the flame burning for the model. The rendering imagines a new Camaro race car that appears to be competing in the GT3 class.

The design features a massive, trapezoidal-shaped front fascia with a huge splitter. Wide wheel arch flares allow for fitting larger wheels, and there are inlets in the front for cooling. Big dive planes are also part of the tweaked design. The bonnet gains a power bulge with an opening in the centre. A wing is visible at the back.


There were GT3-spec racers of the fifth-gen Camaro, but the current, sixth-gen model only got a lesser GT4-spec version. For automakers, competition is often a form of marketing, and Chevy apparently seems to put more value in the publicity from the Corvette winning endurance races, rather than the Camaro bringing home the trophies. 

The current rumour suggests the current Camaro is sticking around until 2026, rather than going away in 2024. Although, it's not clear what (if anything) Chevy is going to do to reinvigorate interest in the model. Most automakers keep things interesting by introducing new powertrains and updated tech.

Competitors are moving forward. The next generation of the Ford Mustang is reportedly coming in 2022. If Chevy is struggling to find Camaro buyers against the current 'Stang, the job is going to be even harder when going up against a new one. Plus, there are three new variants of the Dodge Charger and Challenger on the way.