Whenever a new car debuts, we usually only get to see images of the most expensive trim level fitted with all the bells and whistles. That makes sense since that's when the car (usually) looks the best, but on some rare occasions, automakers also share pictures of the standard model. Case in point, here is the 2022 Mercedes EQS without the screen-heavy interior.

The regular version of Daimler's first dedicated electric car is shown here without the Hyperscreen setup. Instead, the central display has the same 12.8-inch diagonal as in the latest S-Class from where the EQS has also inherited the shortcut buttons mounted below. Like in the traditional flagship carrying the three-pointed star, the main screen uses OLED tech for crisp graphics and vibrant colours.

2022 Mercedes EQS interior without Hyperscreen
2022 Mercedes EQS interior without Hyperscreen

The 12.3-inch LCD digital driver's display is the same on both versions, while the OLED screen on the passenger side of the dashboard is gone. Deleting the giant 17.7-inch OLED touch display and that extra screen means the curved glass cover is also gone, creating a dashboard design quite similar to what you'll find in the S-Class.

We actually prefer this look over the S-Class' as we're finding the circular side air vents to be more elegant while the central ones on top of the infotainment are better integrated. In fact, we'd take this interior configuration over the EQS' optional Hyperscreen, but it's a matter of taste at the end of the day. It's a good thing Mercedes will give people options since we're sure some will actually go for the version without the 56 inches of screen real estate.

Mercedes is showing three different interior versions of the base model, including a sportier configuration with a flat-bottomed steering wheel, black leather, and lots of illuminated stars on the passenger-side dashboard. The other two have a classic look with cream and white upholsteries and wood trim.

The EQS will be fully revealed on 15 April and we already know it will be followed in September by a smaller EQE saloon. Come 2022, the two will both spawn SUV versions, and logic tells us the EQS SUV will have a virtually identical interior. It remains to be seen whether the smaller models will be offered with the Hyperscreen or will only have the 12.8-inch centre display.

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