Update: Another video from TikTok user laidoutdc4 added below walks around the car in detail inside and out. The video says this is an American-spec model located at a facility in Los Angeles, and the narrator specifically calls it the 400Z though the video shows no badging.


Well, this was unexpected! We've known for some time that Nissan was prepping a production version of its Z Proto concept car. We've also known the production version wouldn't differ greatly from the concept. Kudos to Nissan for keeping the Z development shrouded in mystery, but now there's a crack in that shroud. Actually, the shroud is basically gone at this point.

Hot off the press comes an Instagram post from Nissan Arabia, and boy is it a keeper. We don't have information on the location, and for obvious reasons we don't have official confirmation that this is the new production Nissan Z. However, there's no reason to believe this isn't the new sports car in the flesh, captured in both video and photos, inside and out. In short, here's the new Z before you're supposed to see it, and be sure the click through all the images in this IG post. There are quite a few.


Honestly, we have no idea how long this Instagram post will stay active so dive into it while it's hot. The video details the exterior of the so-called 400Z, while photos give us a better taste of the nose, tail, and particularly, the interior. On the outside, we can see it is very much like the concept. Notable differences are red reflectors visible on the quarter panels, and a small lip spoiler at the base of the hatch. At the front, we struggle to see anything changed from the Z Proto.

The same holds true on the inside, where we see the same digital layout featured in the Z Proto. The production model appears to have a bit more plastic, and the triple gauges on the top of the dash are in a slightly different enclosure. Also, this car is fitted with an automatic transmission though we expect a manual will be available. Speaking of the powertrain, the Z should pack the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 found in the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport. It develops 400 bhp (289 kilowatts) in that application, but a recent Z Proto appearance in Project Cars 3 suggests output could be closer to 450 bhp (336 kW).

As mentioned previously, this is a significant leak and we wouldn't be surprised to see the Instagram post disappear as word gets out. However, seeing such a polished vehicle dressed in plastic and apparently awaiting shipping suggests a proper reveal could be nearly upon us. We haven't heard anything official, or even percolating in the rumour mill for that matter. Based on our previous experience with Nissan pre-production vehicles and what we see here, a full reveal of the new Z, whether it's called 400Z or something else, could be just weeks away.