Porsche is relentless when it comes to freshening up the 911 lineup as there always seems to be a new model on the way. The GT3 made its debut last month ago and we already know from parent company VW Group additional versions are coming later in 2021. One of them could possibly be the much-hyped Safari, which has been caught by our spies recently. Today, the photographers caught a glimpse of another 911 derivative, the track-conquering GT3 RS.

You might be tempted to say Porsche was testing a race car given the sheer size of the rear wing, similar to what the new 911 GT3 Cup has. However, we can easily see the prototype had a license plate and was being tested on public roads. Heck, it even had one of those German emissions stickers on the bottom corner of the windscreen on the passenger side.

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In typical Porsche fashion, the prototype is wearing some rather deceiving camouflage. It might look undisguised at rear, but look closer and you'll see an extra layer of body-coloured camo on the bumper. Even the wing's endplates are disguised, as are its pillars along with the engine cover. The side profile appears to be hiding vented front wings/fenders in 991.2 GT3 RS fashion and the suspension setup shows minimal ground clearance.

The covered bonnet bulge likely conceals a pair of air intakes and we're noticing the bumper is masking some of its secrets as well under cleverly placed camo. Underbody flaps are visible from some angles, with Porsche likely perfecting the aggressive aerodynamic package reserved for the RS variant. Chunkier brakes and a stiffer chassis setup are on the menu for the track star, along with model-specific wheels and some interior tweaks.

At the heart of the new 992-gen 911 GT3 RS should be a naturally aspirated 4.0-litre engine. It already produces a healthy 502 bhp (374 kilowatts) and 346 pound-feet (469 Newton-metres) in the non-RS variant, but Porsche will probably be massaging the flat-six to extract a bit more power. While the "normal" GT3 can be had with a stick shift, its hotter counterpart is expected to come in a PDK-only flavour.

Time will tell whether the RS is going to be introduced this year, but with the standard GT3 yet to reach customers, Porsche could wait until early 2022 to unveil the winged wonder.