Volkswagen has postponed the ID.2 or ID.1 from 2023 to 2025, as we reported on 5 March. That made us imagine we would see it only in renderings for the next four years until the Dutch website Autovisie discovered an image that apparently popped up when their journalists tried to check the Project Trinity teaser. This now exclusive image would show a smaller hatchback than the ID.3. Autovisie’s guess is that it is the ID.2.

We are not sure what allowed Autovisie to get this image, but the website claims that three other pictures appeared simultaneously. This one caught their attention because of the similarities it presents with the ID.3, especially when it comes to the C-pillar, the rear, and the car's profile. The front would be different.

Considering how far the presentation is, the front could indicate how a refresh for the ID family could look like. Another hypothesis is that it is something else entirely despite the similarities with the ID.3. At this point, anything is possible.

If we imagine this could indeed be the ID.2, Autovisie believes it could be a sort of compact SUV. That makes sense: if the ID.2 is a smaller ID.4, the ID.1 could be a smaller ID.3. Betting on something with more market appeal for higher sales volumes would certainly be wise, although it would be a much less efficient machine due to the increased frontal area.

So far, Autovisie has not released the other two images that emerged with the Project Trinity teaser. If they were important, we guess we would have already seen them. The Dutch website wonders if the release was intentional or just an accident. Whatever the answer is, It will take quite a while before we know for sure what this car is.