Fans of performance and luxury can now eagerly await the debut of the new Bentley Continental GT Speed on 23 March. The company is promising there are "highly advanced new chassis technologies for extraordinary journeys."

Bentley's teaser video for the Continental GT Speed offers a chance to hear its engine. The mill makes a muscular sound when revving and punctuates the noise with a crisp crackle when getting off the throttle.

Gallery: Bentley Continental GT Speed Teaser

The Continental GT Speed in the teaser is a dark gunmetal grey shade. The design appears to have a different front fascia and more prominent side sills. All the chrome is gone from the body.

Part of the recipe for the GT Speed is increasing the power. The existing 6.0-litre biturbo W12 engine makes 626 bhp (466 kilowatts) and 664 pound-feet (897 Newton-metres). Judging by the sound, the engineers are really turning things up for the new model. A figure around 670 bhp seems possible. For comparison, the W12 in the previous-gen GT Speed had 633 bhp (472 kW) and 620 lb-ft (840 Nm).

The GT Speed recipe is about more than extra power. The teased chassis technology should make the new model a better handling machine, despite its hefty weight from all of those luxury amenities.

Inside, the occupants should be every bit as comfy as other Conti GTs. There might be sporty touches like some carbon fibre trim, but folks still sit in sumptuous leather seats. 

The Bentley Continental GT with the W12 already has a starting price in excess of £173,000. The extra power and technology for the Speed mean that it's going to cost even more.

In the past, there have been convertible variants of the Conti GT Speed. So far, there's no indication whether or not there could be one for the new generation. If the model happens, don't expect to see it until several months after the coupe goes on sale.