No longer a global model, the Ford Focus remains a central pillar in the company’s model range for the European market. However, with more and more new and fresh models entering the continent’s C segment, the Focus needs a refresh to remain attractive on this highly competitive scene. Seen here is a prototype of the facelifted Focus in Active estate form.

The test car has decent amounts of camouflage, suggesting there will be some notable visual tweaks on the outside. We suspect the front end will get the biggest portion of changes, which will include new headlights, a redesigned grille, and possibly a new bumper. This being an Active model, the latter probably features some sort of black cladding hidden underneath the camouflage panels.

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Mother nature helps Ford with the disguise at the back as there’s a lot of snow covering large sections of the rear end. Still, the taillights appear to be featuring a new internal design and the bumper has additional camouflage foil, suggesting there could be some little changes hiding underneath.

This is the first time we can take a look, albeit a distant one, at the interior of the facelifted Focus. It seems that the infotainment screen on the centre console could be replaced by a bigger unit. Judging by the refreshed Focus for China, we could be looking at a 10-inch screen running a new infotainment software. We wouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing the SYNC 4 making an appearance in the facelifted Focus.

We are surprised to see the refreshed model looking quite ready for production given the information it won’t be until the end of 2021 when we will see it officially. Some rumours even suggest we are about 12 months away from seeing it.