If you're a regular reader of Motor1.com, you know how much we love Lego builds. But every once in a while, we encounter incredible Lego Ideas build that need attention. This is one of them – a 1/8 scale replica of the legendary Mercedes-Benz W196R Formula 1 race car.

Built by Lego Ideas user LEnoGO, this is one of the finest ones we've seen so far, and we would love it to become an official build. Right now, we're undecided if this Silver Arrow looks better than the Lego Auto Union race car we've seen before, but we're willing to wager on the Mercedes on the premise of historical importance.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz W196R Formula 1 Lego Ideas

If you're unaware, the Mercedes-Benz W196R, especially the number 12, is part of the family of Mercedes Formula 1 race cars that marked the automaker's return to motorsport in 1954. In the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio, it was a successful comeback, winning both the World F1 title and World Sportscar championship within two years.

There were only 14 W196R ever created, with 10 still existing. The real Silver Arrow with chassis 006/54 that the Lego build was based on is the remaining example existing in private hands, auctioned for a whopping £17.5 million in July 2013.

The resemblance of the actual car and the Lego Ideas build above is uncanny, with the owner even taking photos in the same angle and background as the original. The gallery above shows images side-by-side with the auctioned piece.

The Silver Arrow Lego Ideas build used more than 1,600 pieces to create, with an operating control system, air inlets that you can open, and a removable engine cover.

As mentioned, this isn't official, but you can help to do make it one by leaving your support at the Lego Ideas website via the source link below.