Is the new Land Rover Defender 110 simply too small for your family? Well, Land Rover is working hard on a solution to bring us the three-row Defender 130 which will have seating up to eight. Now you can bring most of the team to football practice while driving through the forest to get there with ease. Until we see the real thing next year this render is our best look at the Defender 130.

The new Land Rover Defender has taken the world by storm making friends and impressing doubters around the world. Due to current demand, the Defender 110 is the only Defender model you can reliably purchase at a Land Rover dealership with the more niche three-door Defender 90 following soon. For customers looking for even more passenger space, Land Rover will soon debut the Defender 130 to round out their off-road capable SUV lineup.

Based on internal documents from Land Rover we can expect a Defender 130 to hit dealerships early next year. With the recent addition of a V8 Defender and plug-in hybrid variant, we expect even more niche models to diversify the appeal of the Defender. There are even rumours of a pick-up truck version of the Defender and based on the growing demand for trucks it seems like a great idea to us.

Gallery: Upcoming Land Rover Defender 130 Rendered As Family Friendly Off-Roader

The upcoming Defender 130 will be based on the current Defender 110 frame and add length to the rear of the SUV after the back axel rather than expand the SUVs wheelbase. This will allow Land Rover to cut the development and tooling costs required to build this new model.

We expect the Defender 130 to offer all of the same drivetrains found on smaller Defenders. This means you can have everything from a supercharged V8 to a hybrid 4-cylinder. Thanks to this variety Lander Rover can build the perfect Defender for your needs.