There must have been a trend in the 1980s of automakers building go-karts. Oldsmobile did it to celebrate its record-setting Aerotech, though it appears the company may have taken its cues from Porsche. Earlier in the decade, the German automaker had the Porsche 911 Junior go-kart built to be sold through Porsche dealers, a bite-sized go-kart with a Honda motor and a two-speed gearbox.

The advert has the 911 Junior listed for €14,900 (£12,800 at current exchange rates), though that high price tag gets you an exceptionally adorable 911 Cabriolet complete with a red exterior paint colour and a proper whale tale. However, the tail doesn’t hide a flat-six motor. Instead, it packs a one-cylinder four-stroke Honda engine that produces a robust 2.1 bhp (1.6 kilowatts). It displaces less than one litre, though the engine can allow the go-kart to reach 25 kilometres per hour (15 miles per hour). The ad says that the top speed is adjustable.

Gallery: 1983 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Junior Go-Kart

The engine works in tandem with a two-speed manual gearbox. Yup, this little go-kart comes with a three-pedal setup, including the multi-plate wet clutch. The third pedal is flanked by an accelerator and one for the brakes. The gearbox also sports a reverse gear. The power routes to the rear wheels, and there’s seating for one. The ad says the 1983 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Junior is in new “Collector’s condition,” which appears true in the photos.

The little 911 Cabriolet looks immaculate inside and out without a hint of use. Inside and out, the go-kart looks brand new. Its pristine condition is more apparent once you open the bonnet and peer at the tiny motor powering the thing. Porsche has built some rare models in its history, though this go-kart could rank up there with some of them. It’s unclear how many were built nor is it clear how many survive today.