This video show show quickly things can change from you just chilling in your Tesla to being forced at gunpoint to surrender your car to an armed assailant. This is the exact scenario that saw a Model 3 owner floor it to safety, and thankfully he was able to speed away in his car and no injuries.

The failed carjacker did manage to unload one round, which went right into the Model 3’s B-pillar. Luckily, the driver was completely unharmed - he also ducked to the right as he was accelerating away and he credits his military training for allowing him to remain calm in this tense situation (he is a Navy sailor).

The carjacker was caught on two of the Tesla Model 3’s cameras - the left wing/fender camera as he approached the car and threatened the driver and then a rear camera that captured him as he was fleeing. The driver started recording from the Tesla’s exterior cameras by honking the car’s horn - this is a new feature that was added via an over-the-air update dating back to December of 2019.

It is definitely a smart and easy way to remember to trigger the cameras to start recording. We’re sure this feature has allowed countless Tesla drivers to record various scenes - we can picture some amusing scenarios where this feature could be used, but it’s plainly obvious that it really came in handy in this tense life-threatening situation for the driver.